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White Wolf Playing Cards by Ellusionist

White Wolf Playing Cards by Ellusionist

WhiteWolf - Premium Vodka that lends itself to design as stark and crisp as the Russian Tundra. Lead designer Mike Clarke took a very different angle with this deck, giving it a modern, minimalist twist.

Sporting half-shaded pips and single-line drawing courts, these cards capture the purity of fine vodka itself. A speckled paper overprint on thin cotton stock give match a truly luxury feel with an otherwise austere composition. Although the brand WhiteWolf was created just for these cards, we truly believe that its magic should be bottled.

This deck looks like it was created to be sold with bottles of WhiteWolf Vodka, the one deck in the Prohibition Series that comes across as commercial design. If you like the simplicity of the Madison Rounders back design, you are going to love these.

$ 12.95