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Paper Cuts Volume 2 by Armando Lucero

Paper Cuts Volume 2 by Armando Lucero

How is Paper Cuts related to the Coin Menagerie and Pasteboard Devices Workshops that Armando Lucero offers privately? 

Paper Cuts
 is a completely different workshop and shares no effects or techniques in common with these other private workshops. The philosophy, theatrical technique, and advice is, however, consistent with all workshops that Armando teaches, including Paper Cuts

What is inside Paper Cuts Volume 2: 


- Betwixt Me-ish 
- The Knowing Card 
- Morphic Resonance 
- The Art of Now 
- Recapitulation 


- Favorite Shuffles 


- Pattern Interruption 
- The Use of Multiple Methods 
- Intersecting Memories as Subterfuge 
- Audience Management 
- Presets & Cleanups

$ 65.00