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Magic Book Bundle!

Magic Book Bundle!

This is a perfect mix of books for our current

'Safe At Home' situation!

You'll get AT LEAST 5 DIFFERENT magic books, booklets and lecture notes that are worth OVER $40 RETAIL!   PLUS it is free shipping!!!

Some of the lecture notes will be SIGNED by the artist, you may get a balloon book, card tricks book, everyday objects, lecture notes, rope tricks and we even have some ADVANCED that I will include!  Brent, the Owner of The Magic Apple, will personally pick out the books for you.

I can't take any special requests or preferences but trust me, for $25 you'll be getting some INCREDIBLE deals!  Even if you only learn THREE new routines, that's less than $9 each!  Some of these books include over 25 routines IN ONE BOOK!  

With this selection, you'll get information on over TWO HUNDRED new routines, moves, sleights, ideas, techniques and more!  
I only have a LIMITED SUPPLY of these bundles!  

The image is just a SAMPLE of SOME of the books I'll be chosing!  There are over 100 others not pictured

$ 25.00