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Black Modern Z-Fold Wallet by Quiver & Patrick Kun

Black Modern Z-Fold Wallet by Quiver & Patrick Kun

A guarantee way of leaving them with your business cards that they will never forget.


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Z-Wallet has been one of the most versatile tool in magic and mentalism for many years. It allows you invisibly to switch bills, business cards, billets and much more without ANY sleight of hands.

Although many versions already exist in the market, Quiver has completely redesign the structure, functionality, and the overall look of it to make it work better in the real world.

Our new design of the Z-Wallet features:

- High quality vegetable BLACK leather 

- Magnetic locking system

NEW seamless edge design to camouflage the hidden compartment.

- Business cards size with window cutout

Modern Z-Wallet, a way a performer should be revealed.

$ 40.00