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Magic Apple Show and Tell via Zoom!!

Magic Apple Show and Tell via Zoom!!

This an AMAZING event unlike ANY OTHER Zoom event you have seen!

ALL AGES WELCOME!  No matter your skill level!  If you are a beginner, hobbiest or even a performing magician, you'll learn some new routines

PLUS see three virtual magic shows!!

Three Sundays in a row, you will see a mini magic show PLUS will learn some awesome magic all from the comfort of your own home or office!  The magic that will be taught are not things you'll see in an old book, or get from a magic kit, but STRONG and GREAT magic taught by REAL PROFESSIONALS!

For 3 Sundays in a row, in December, Tony Clark, Robert Ramirez and Nathan Kranzo will all be performing and teaching during the Magic Apple Show and Tell!

Once you buy your ticket, we will send you a Zoom link for each Sunday's event!  PLUS You'll get a box of supplies needed plus some stickers, a deck of cards and more!  We will mail the box to you with PLENTY of time before the Dec 6th event with Tony Clark

December 13th your performer and teacher will be Robert Ramirez and December 20th with Nathan Kranzo!

Each Sunday the events starts at 5pm (pacific time) and will last just over an hour!!

For $90.00 you'll get three magic shows, three lessons PLUS a box of stuff mailed to your house!!

 If something comes up and you can't make one of the dates, don't worry all of them will be recorded and be sent to you at the end! 

$ 90.00