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Magic Apple Show and Tell 2 via Zoom!!

Magic Apple Show and Tell 2 via Zoom!!

This is the SECOND Magic Apple Show and Tell!  Three all new magicians, three all new magic shows and three all new magic lessons!

This is a GREAT event for the ENTIRE FAMILY!  Whether you are a magician, hobbiest, or are brand new to the art of magic, or simpy just LOVE MAGIC, this is perfect for you!

Each Sunday, you'll get a magic show plus learn some awesome routines from REAL professionals!  There are only 25 Zoom windows available so register NOW!!

David Regal will be Feb 14th.  He is an award winning magician with over 5 best-selling magic books and has produced over 25 top selling magic effects!

Jonathan Levit will be on Feb 21st!  Jonathan is a comedy magician and consultand and is a regular performer and member of the board of trustees at The Magic Castle

Jon Armstrong on Feb 28th was the Close Up Magician of the Year and has been working cruise ships, The Magic Castle and corporate events for over 25 years!  

Not only will you see and learn some magic, but we'll mail you a box FULL of great materials that you'll need for the Show and Tell events!!  You'll get a deck of cards, plenty of gimmicks, a $15 packet trick and a bunch of other goodies!!

All three events will be via Zoom and will start at 5pm (PST).  Once you register here, we'll send you a Zoom code. 



$ 90.00