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Max Maven Lecture on ZOOM!

Max Maven Lecture on ZOOM!

Max Maven will be lecuring via ZOOM for The Magic Apple on MARCH 14th at 5pm (pst)

No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to see one of the most-published magicians in the world!  With over 5 decades in magic and mentalism, this is one Zoom Meeting you've got to see!

Not only is Max going to teach some routines that he has PERFORMED and are incredible over Zoom, but a few of the things he is going to explain will cover magic and mentalism that are real professional routines for real life.  
You'll learn a few new magic routines and some mentalism that will blow your mind PLUS we will be mailing you a few gimmicks needed for a routine that will teach for the FIRST time over Zoom!

All Ages are welcome and it is $30 per Zoom window!

This lecture will NOT be recorded so be sure you clear your calendar for this AMAZING over TWO HOUR event!

$ 30.00