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Monster 1980 by An Ha Lim (2 DVD set)

Monster 1980 by An Ha Lim (2 DVD set)

Monster 2 DVD Set!


"An Ha Lim" --- Most of you recognize the name... or at least have seen or heard of this exciting, memorable magic prodigy.
His live stage act, his performances at conventions, or his Youtube videos are well-known among circles of die-hard magic fans, but even his ability to draw growing crowds of the magi-curious is remarkable.
A top leader of card manipulation in the 21st century.

"One hand, multi-card production." With this revolutionary technique he has "single-handedly" generated a new era of card manipulation.

In this DVD series he explains EVERYTHING... Everything he uses for these techniques, all he has learned.... and beyond!

You will receive 2 DVDs
1st DVD: Root -
Lecture about the traditional, the classic, the Basic techniques and Skills. Also describes in detail how he has employed, utilized, and developed his act. He will introduce the very roots of his act from various angles.

2nd DVD; Origin ---
He introduces the pure, unique, and original techniques that he has been using in his act.
He also mentions "COLOR", such as the manner in which to arrange colored cards, etc.

Feel his passion for the magic... and experience the rush of unlocking these tactics straight from the mind of this revolutionary genius.

Worldwide Exclusive from SEO MAGIC.

DVD 1. Root
* Back Palm Production
* Split Fan Production
* Tenkai Prodcution + Spin
* Dualing
* Magician Palm Production
* Reverse Fan Production
* Interlock Production
* U-Grip Production
* Back Palm & U-Grip Combo
* Grip Swap

DVD 2. Origin
* Butterfly
* Rainbow Falls
* Spider
* Nonstop Interlock Production
* Blooming
* Blooming Buster

$ 90.00