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Metal: Getting Started in High-Impact Coin Magic by Eric Jones

Metal: Getting Started in High-Impact Coin Magic by Eric Jones

Brad wanted a single full-scale DVD that could range from beginner all the way through advanced, and give beautiful instruction along with ALL the moves you could ever want to learn ---- including the latest guarded sleights and the most devious moves of the past.
When you acquire Metal, you will own a reference guide to becoming great. That much will be obvious. So sit back, click Play, and get to work.




• Finger palm • Ramsay subtlety • Classic palm • Kaps / Malini subtlety • Holding out multiples • Thumb palm • Downs palm • Buckley production • Mutobe palm • Curl palm • Edge grip • Goshman / tenkai pinch • JW grip • Gallo production • Korn production • Mutobe production • The pop • French pop



• Taking • Quick vanish • Putting • Elusive vanish • Retention vanish • Stylized retention pass



• Click pass • Jones pass • Roth shuttle pass • Utility switch • Wiped clean • Townshend Hand washing • Bobo switch • Jones switch • Benzais Friction palm • Han Ping Chien



• Dr. E.M. Roberts sleeving • Parallel sleeve vanish • Sleeve retrieval



• 4-coin coins across • Using a jumbo coin • Simplex 3 fly • Loose change • Bluff vanish • Jones spellbound



• Getting caught • Windows • Closing thoughts



• Coin rolldown • Five coin star • Arm roll

$ 35.00