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C4 Color Changing Deck by Jonathan Levit

C4 Color Changing Deck by Jonathan Levit

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C4 is the ultimate color changing card case in which a case of playing cards changes from red to blue. It is the culmination of years of thought, trial and error, and a goal. The goal was to visibly change the color of a playing card case. But it wasn’t just to do that. It was to create a magical moment that wasso clean and so fair that I would want it as part of my act. And now it is.

C4 can be performed when the magician is ready. It doesn’t have to be done as soon as the playing cards are introduced.

It’s so visual that it seems like real magic.

C4 was created so that I could use it in my act. And I do. Every time. And it kills. Every time.

"How good is C4 ? I plan on putting it into my own show, Immediately!

Elegant and visual and the perfect mistress to your color changing deck routine. love it!"

Steve Valentine

It wasn’t until it was tried and tested, a lot, that I started the process of producing this for others to use. It’s taken nearly two years to perfect. And it’s finally ready to be released. The gimmick is precision made. It comes beautifully packaged and complete with everything you need to start performing it right out of the box. I'm super excited about this product!

$ 60.00