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Maelstrom: Off the Page DVD by Tom Stone

Maelstrom: Off the Page DVD by Tom Stone

Siamese Book Test. A book test using ordinary books allows you to create an extraordinary prediction. A participant calls out stop at any page remembers a word and under these impossible conditions you demonstrate that you have successfully predicted the word they randomly arrived at.

Forbidden Palm. A four of a kind assembly with an ending so impossible you will swear that trick photography is part of the method. Four cards of the same value vanish one at a time. Each vanish more impossible than the next. Finally the last card vanishes from thin air with almost no movement from the magician. This is a shockingly visual vanish that looks impossible.

Well Timed Miracle. A prediction where the spectator determines the outcome in the fairest way possible. Visual, organic and perfect for stage or close up. Any spectator who has a stopwatch on their phone can stop it at any second, the magician has a deck of cards on display and with no moves counts the cards to the number chosen by the spectator. The card at the chosen number is revealed and it matches a prediction the spectator has been holding the entire time.

Synonymax. Many great principle are used in this very direct and very entertaining mind reading routine. Tom entertains with a humorous plot and ends with a very direct revelation where two minds are read.

Things That Go Cluck In The Night. This is a reputation making effect. Tom takes the classic silk to egg effect and makes an audience member a star while fooling the entire audience as well as the chosen participant. While on stage the spectator continually amazes himself and the audience with each phase of the routine. Finally under test conditions the chosen spectator and the magician end by cracking the "fake" egg to reveal that it has now transformed into a real egg. This is a moment that will shock ANY audience.

Quiz Show. So much entertainment packed into a routine using the most simple method. 2 spectators are used to compete in a ridiculous quiz show. The spectators blindly select questions from a bag. One spectator always picks the easy question and of course one spectator picks questions that are impossible to answer. This is a hilarious plot but as always Tom gives it a very magical conclusion when he produces and final prize.

$ 30.00