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Hold your fire by John Kennedy

Hold your fire by John Kennedy


Take the flame off of any butane lighter and hold it in your hand like magic! The possibilities are endless, including...

  • Take the flame off and put it back on the lighter.
  • Eat the flame.
  • Slide the flame along the lighter.
  • Change the flame into a coin, ring, etc.

You can even change the flame into the lighter that you were holding in your hand just moments before!

The precision “Hold Your Fire” gimmick makes it all possible. It’s machined from solid steel and built to last a lifetime. John Kennedy teaches you everything you need to know on YouTube video. It’s really fun and easy!

Hold Your Fire is not intended for children. Because of USPS shipping regulations, lighters are not included. You can purchase the butane lighters in drug stores, convenience stores, or on the internet from licensed sellers.

$ 30.00