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Birthday Detector by Chris Hare and Alakazam Magic

Birthday Detector by Chris Hare and Alakazam Magic

videoicon-linkFrom the mind of Chris Hare Mindboggler comes the ultimate diary trick!

Imagine handing your spectator a birthday book. With your back turned they turn to their birthday page. You state each page has the name of a lucky playing card at the top. They look and remember the card and then close the book. You now turn back to face your spectator. After a little cold reading you can now not only tell them their lucky card but as the ultimate kicker you tell them their birth sign & even their actual birthday!!!

Chris's Birthday Detector is easy to do and may be instantly repeated !

Birthday Detector was previously released and sold by Chris (to a select few) and use to command a price tag £100!

Comes complete with the same high quality custom printed Birthday book as provided by Chris and full instructional DVD