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Ultimate Balloon Animals & More DVD

Ultimate Balloon Animals & More DVD

After you have created all of the great animals you will learn how to make fun swords, lots of hats and neat holiday items.

The teaching is step by step right from the performer's view for the most efficient learning.

Included on This DVD Course: Monkey Elephant Giraffe Tiger Brontosaurus Moose Reindeer Ram Kangaroo Butterfly Dog Wiener Dog Mouse Poodle Bunny Rabbit Horse Rubber Ducky Cat Snake Frog Fish Alligator Sword Pirate Sword Parrot Turtle Swan Shark Lobster Octopus Heart Heart on a Wand Heart & Birds Pumpkin Bat Candy Cane Wreath Poinsettia Flower Bracelet Teddybear on a Heart

$ 15.00

Add a bag of Balloons!