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Surge Gimmick and Instructions by Ellusionist

Surge Gimmick and Instructions by Ellusionist

Mickael Chatelain surges onto the scene in his Ellusionist debut. 
A 3-phase telekinetic time-bomb that puts the power of psychokinesis in your spectators hands! 

*Phase 1*
Balance a freely selected card upright on the table, and with nothing else, cause it to fall over on your command. 

*Phase 2*
Well you could have just blew it right?WRONG. To prove your newly-acquired powers are real (not just air), you place their card against the card box, and cause it to again fall down under your influence. 

*Phase 3*
They've seen the magic. Now they can FEEL it! 
The spectator signs their selection and a corner is torn from it. Under James Randi-esque conditions, you can cause the corner to fly off their hand, finally proving that psychokinetic phenomenon is REAL. 

When you place your order for Surge we will send out the specially handcrafted gimmicks via mail. The detailed explanation portion of Surge is available as a download and will be instantly added to your account. 

- Custom-made gimmick with 4 replacements included 
- Gimmicks come in red or blue, sorry no choice of color
- No wires, thread or magnets
- Minimal sleight of hand required
- Nothing in your hands 
- Perform surrounded

Get Surged.

$ 35.00