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Gypsy Thread El Hilo by Javi Benitez

Gypsy Thread El Hilo by Javi Benitez


A Miracle,Easy to do! The spectator breaks the thread! Resets in seconds! Over 40 minutes on this AWESOME DVD


Gypsy Thread routine at either the Castle or his lectures you MUST SEE IT!  He explained it in full detail and allowed is to have the EXCLUSIVE on the DVD.  It is a $45 DVD but this routine is SO CLEAR and SO MAGICAL, you've gotta get it!  No gimmicks!  A wonderfully structured routine that works for close up, stage, parlour and will be a GREAT trick for kids too!  


If you have 3 minutes, here is a rough demo of Javi's El Hilo routinevideoicon link



$ 44.95