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MEMORANDUM Book by Woody Aragon

MEMORANDUM Book by Woody Aragon



Woody Aragón is one of the most important modern card magic creators. His first book, A Book in English, was a bestseller that influenced top magicians. Names such as Penn & Teller, Eric Jones and Pit Hartling choose Woody's tricks for their shows. The reason? Woody's magic is strong, it's clever, it fools... and audiences love it! In his new book, MEMORANDUM, Woody reveals his revolutionary work on the memorized deck.

He thoroughly explains: - His Memorandum stack: A memorized deck that contains all the properties of Tamariz's Mnemonica and Aronson's stack, plus a lot of new concepts that makes it one of the best stacks created. - His method to memorize: You will be able to begin memorized deck magic and tricks in this book after 30 minutes! - A series of new ideas combining memorized deck and mathematical principles that will allow you to do real miracles. - More than 50 tricks and some chapters about tips and new ideas to apply to your memorized deck magic. Indulge yourself - with this expert instruction in MEMORANDUM, you'll be on your way to performing with a memorized deck!

- Magic Super-Strong. Good effects. It fools laymen AND magicians. +50 original tricks.

    - New stack order that contains all the propierties of Tamariz's and Aronson's. And much much more.

    - On one hand: New concepts and revolutionary ideas never used before on the memorized deck. Very good for expert memdeck practicioners.

    - On the other hand: New method of memorize and to introduce in memorized deck magic. Great too for magicians interested in start to work on memdeck magic.

    - Special features for mentalists and gamblers. Lots of gambling exhibitions and prediction/divination tricks in the same stack.


$ 60.00