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Every Thing I Know About Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy

Every Thing I Know About Marketing Magic by Maxwell Murphy

How do you make the most with your ideas? For 10 years, Maxwell Murphy led Penguin Magic, the largest magic retailer on the Internet. He sold millions of dollars of magic, produced dozens of best-selling products, worked with many of the top inventors in magic, and even lived on top of a magic factory in India. There is no one who knows more about marketing magic than Maxwell Murphy.
Historically, magic inventors haven't fared well. Dealers and distributors have had an information advantage, and often times, they've used it. Countless inventors have settled for 1/10th of what they could have earned. This book levels the playing field. Maxwell opens his playbook and his Rolodex, so you can succeed as a magic inventor and help take the industry to the next level.
You'll Learn:

  • How big is the magic market?
  • How many units can I expect to sell?
  • How does pricing work? Wholesale? Retail?
  • What kinds of deals are out there for magic inventors?
  • Should I self-produce?
  • What product format should I choose?
  • How can I bring my idea to life?
  • Who should I work with?


  • The Six Different Magic Customers
  • What the Big Name Magic Inventors Did
  • How to Maximize the Size of Your Deal
  • The Most Important Terms in Any Contract
  • Three Questions to Ask During Production
  • Why the Smallest Ad is Often the Best Deal
  • Strategy for Maximizing Sales of a New Item
  • What's the Magic Market Going to Look Like in 100 Years?
  • Profiles of Key Players in the Magic Industry

And much, much more!
"In magic, small decisions can make a huge difference in how much money you make from your product. The difference can be tens of thousands of dollars. I've seen it happen time and time again. But it doesn't have to happen to you. Give the book a chance, and if I'm wrong, take me up on my 100% money-back guarantee." - Maxwell Murphy

  • Chapter 1: Magic is Different
  • Chapter 2: The Magic Market
  • Chapter 3: The Deals Available to Creators
  • Chapter 4: Key Decisions
  • Chapter 5: Manufacturing Physical Items
  • Chapter 6: Video Production
  • Chapter 7: Marketing
  • Chapter 8: Advertising
  • Chapter 9: Sales
  • Chapter 10: Manufacturers
  • Chapter 11: Magic Factories
  • Chapter 12: Specialty Magic Factories
  • Chapter 13: Production Companies
  • Chapter 14: Distributors
  • Chapter 15: Retailers
  • Chapter 16: Magazines
  • Chapter 17: Discussion Forums
  • Closing
  • Resources

Order now and bring your product to market!
"I want to thank you for your last book, this is one of the best contributions to magic (as an art) I have read for years." - David Stone

$ 40.00