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Comedy & Magic with Tomas

This will be the 2nd time in 10 year that Tomas has been to our shop to lecture!  Whether you like cards, Geek magic, ropes or just want to have a good time, this lecture is for you!  Tomas works at the biggest magic distributor on the East Coast, Fun Inc so he REALLY knows magic!  

$25 per person

Give is a call ASAP to sign up! 818-508-9921
His lecture features routines with rope, cards, coins, breath mints, balloons, bottles, paper, shot glasses, corks, and sugar packets. 
PLUS… lots of jokes. 
Tomas has freshly brewed jokes on a daily basis!
Click Below to see what else Tomas will be teaching!

World Famous Balloon Swallow
Learn the real work on this reputation making stunt. This trick alone is well worth the lecture admission price!

Tomas's Rope Routine 
A short and very impressive FIVE phase rope routineGum Gag 
An easy sight gag that surprisingly fools people into thinking you're creepy The Cardiologist Deck
The 2003 release is still popular today! Tomas will teach you how to make a Cardiologist Deck and reveal some of his favorite/slick card moves like:

  • Mullica Thumb Count Card Reversal
  • Sploosh (a unique pop out move)
  • Boomerang card catch in deck
  • Guess-timation spread (slick card revelation)
  • Timing Force
  • Classic Force tips

Buns of Steel Soda Can 
Hilarious sight gag. The Exchange 
Tomas will show you how to make your own Exchange, then teach you a variety of handlings. Torn and Restored napkin/ball under shotglass
A well routined/multi-phase-mini restaurant act. The condom Trick
Stupidly hilarious and guaranteed to bring the house down. Bob Hummer Sugar Packet Trick
This one will FRY MAGICIAN'S BRAINS. Tic Tac Trick
Another bizarrely awesome show-stopping reputation maker. Coin on Hand
A startling coin vanish/reappearance. McDonald's Aces handling
Tomas tackles numerous vanishes and handlings of this classic card plot.


Newton’s Nightmare

Tomas teaches a unique/clever method to performing the classic science stunt.


Where Will You Go by Eddie Z

Tomasified version of an easy-to-do mind reading routine with flags from other countries.