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Magic and Munchies Class 8 is here!!  

This is a GREAT magic class for any beginner in magic!  

We welcome ages 8 and up to come have an AWESOME time at The Magic Apple in Studio City!  

Each child will learn 3-4 pocket sized magic tricks PLUS they get a magic wand with a bonus trick!  About halfway through the class, we’ll take a break and have some cookies, juice (organic, of course) and snacks (on the healthier side)! 

We will learn some great close up magic tricks and even some mind Reading tricks!  Even if the student know the secret of one or more of the tricks, we will practice them and come up with different variations!  Each child will get to practice the trick on our instructors or fellow magicians in class!  Magic helps build social skills, helps to overcome stage fright and is a GREAT (and one of the oldest) art forms! 

Class starts at 10:30am on June 2nd and will end at Noon.  Parents are welcome to stay in the class for an add'l $20 OR they must hang out in the other room so the secrets of magic are not revealed!

Ages 8 and up and parents are welcome to enroll too!

$25 per child/adult ($20 each add’l family member)