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Stickman Bob by Kieron Johnson - Trick

Stickman Bob by Kieron Johnson - Trick

videoicon link"Such brilliant, mad, obsessive thinking that has created spectacular effects. You are a true one off. Keep up the brilliant work!" 
- Andy Nyman 

Stickman Bob is no ordinary stickman. He will find your spectator's signed card in the most spectacular way, leaving them with an awesome souvenir. 

A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck. Introduce Bob, your magician stickman friend, and let the fun begin! 

Bob is also a stuntman and will combine his death-defying skills to find their card. 

A cannon is introduced and yes - Daredevil Bob is going to get shot out of the cannon! 

The countdown starts, and Bob is shot from the cannon towards the deck. It bursts into flames. 

The flames subside - Bob can be seen to have burnt his way through the box and the deck. His smoked silhouette remains are on the back of the signed card. 

Stickman Bob is ideal for all types of performance -- street, close-up, even parlor and stage. 

It is very easy to do, has fantastic visuals, and makes a great emotional connection. It is an effect your audience will remember, as it leaves them with their signed, burnt Bob card at the end! 

You are supplied with laser cut-out burnt cards and the fantastic metal cannon for launching Bob. Use in conjunction with your own red-back Bicycle deck. 

Sheets of flash paper are not supplied due to international shipping regulations, but we do provide a flash tutorial that explains everything. 

For those not wishing to use fire in their performance or are too young to use flash products, we include a non-flash version using an audio sound file with countdowns in English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, German and Italian. 

Stickman Bob is Kieron's homage to the great work of Bob Farmer, Andrew Mckinley, David Benn. The stickman drawing was inspired by Dan Harlan. 

$ 40.00