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Magic Classes & Private Lessons


Here are some of the details:

The classes are $75 for one class, for one person. If you’d like to have a lesson for two people it will be $125. The Magic Apple has a private classroom lounge area where the classes will take place. If in real life, it includes a deck of cards for your first class. Each class is about an hour long (give or take a few minutes). If you buy a 5 pack of classes, the prices goes down to $65 per lesson and must be paid in full. If you decide on Zoom, when you buy the 5 pack, ($325), I’ll mail you a box of items that we will cover over the 5 classes! If in person, the lessons will also include some extra items for some of the routines.

All of the magic I teach are real working routines that I perform professionally. If you buy the five pack, the magic we cover is MAINLY card tricks, but we may touch on a few classics like ropes, sponge rabbits and some mentalism. If you decide to buy the 5 pack, you’ll have 6 months, after the first class, to use all five classes. I have a Zoom account and everything will be hosted by me. We will set up a time for the classes that works with your schedule. I hold the lessons typically Wednesday thru Fridays in the afternoon. I will do my best to work around your schedule.

Some boring fine print:

If you buy the 5 pack of classes and you cancel a class within 12 hours for any reason, this class will be forfeited and you will lose it from your five pack with no refund.  The same goes if you simply don’t show up to class, without warning, after 15 minutes of your start time, your class will be forfeited and you will lose this class from your 5 pack with no refund..  If you are taking classes on Zoom, each class is roughly an hour and will be recorded and sent to you after each lesson. If on Zoom, you’ll have 7 days from that lesson to watch it again, or download it.

If you have a few people that are interested in a group lesson, please send me an email and we discuss group options, INCLUDING everyone getting some materials for the lesson! This makes a GREAT birthday party, happy hour gathering, customer appreciation event etc…)

or you can call The Magic Apple 818-508-9921