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Stickman Sam DVD & Gimmicks

Stickman Sam DVD & Gimmicks

Stickman Sam By Mark Mason

Great Animation Card magic from JB. Instructional DVD Included

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The Stickman Jumps from Card to Card!

ANY card is freely selected and signed on the face.
Visibly draw a large stickman on the back of any card, YOU REALLY DRAW THE STICKMAN. The stickman jumps off the back of the card onto another card several times. The stickman is cut into the centre of the deck only to jump back up to the top.

Without cover, etc the stickman VISUALLY jumps off the top card and dives down into the deck.
The deck is spread and the stickman is on the back of a card in the centre of the deck. This is their signed selected card!
Precision Made Gimmick in Bicycle!

J.B.Magics latest effects now come complete with special gimmicks and A FULL STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONAL DVD. Has Performance, Explantation & Bonus Handling section.

$ 16.95