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Bullet Mercury Card Fold by Todd Lamanske

Bullet Mercury Card Fold by Todd Lamanske

The Mercury Card Fold is one of the deadliest tools in card magic. Like a sniper, it allows the magician to strike without warning. Todd Lamanske has developed a stealth-like system that will allow you to expertly pull off a perfect Mercury Fold easily and perfectly every single time!If you're a pro who already does the Mercury Fold...
If you have never done the Mercury Fold before...

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If you want to take your card magic to another level...


Comes complete with Bullet tool, Bullet guide and DVD teaching 5 routines with a folded card!

  • ·“This thing rocks! I am definitely using the Bullet and you will too!”- Cody Fisher


  • ·“Hey, this thing works SLICK! My folds used to look as if I had done them with my feet. They are WAY nicer now.” Geoff Williams, former crappy Mercury Folder guy
$ 30.00