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Visualies Gaff System (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Mechanic Industries

These cards are AMAZING!  They all look so great.  You must have the Optricks Deck in order to perform some of these routines.  Be sure you add one to your cart if you don't already have one

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The gaffs from the Optricks Red Deck broke new ground, opening up another dimension of magical possibilities. But we were just getting started. The new Visualies Gaff System picks up where we left off... and then some. This isn't just another gaff deck, it's a whole new system -- a totally new way to approach gaff cards.

It's the perfect extension of the Optricks Red Deck. However, you can use it all on its own, straight out the box with no other deck required. Contained within are 17 core concepts with our trademark visual style. They're not just amazing standalone tricks, you can combine nearly all of the effects into a cohesive routine. Unlike other gaff decks, we've focused on just a couple of key cards, mainly the Queen of Hearts, but also the 4 of Clubs, allowing you to combine the various tricks like never before. There are enough face cards of different values that enable you to spread to show a 'fair' deck, should the need arise.

With this system, we've engineered cutting-edge magical illusions while keeping the handling simple. All of the effects are easily achievable with a bit of practice, regardless of your skill level. We have a host of tutorials that cover each concept and offer easy-to-advanced handlings for each concept. We've also applied the Visualies approach to some classic plots in magic such as Triumph, Twisting the Aces, Transpositions, Sandwiches and Torn & Restored.

$ 30.00