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Card College Volume 3 by Roberto Giobbi

Card College Volume 3 by Roberto Giobbi

Roberto Giobbi's internationally acclaimed course on sleight of hand card magic.

This volume is 50 pages larger than the previous ones, and like them contains only the best methods and tricks, meticulously selected and taught by a full-time professional, drawing from the world's fines card magic.

In this third volume Giobbi includes sleights and ideas gathered from the world's masters, some never published elsewhere.

And this English language edition contains tricks, tips and information not included in the German, French and Spanish editions.

As in the preceeding volumes, you will learn not just the techniques, but the psychology behind their application along with professional caliber tricks and routines, drawn from Giobbi's own repertoire.

This book contains hundreds of illustrations, 300 pages in quality hardcover.

Here are some of the topics covered in Volume # 3.

Breaks, steps and jogs, advanced double lifts, riffle shuffle methods, multiple shifts, more palming techniques, the side steal, the diagonal palm shift, card controls, more false counts, the K.M. Move, the biddle steal, color changes, the Faro shuffle, and much more.

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