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Color Changing Knives by David Regal

Color Changing Knives by David Regal

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These are the BEST KNIVES on the market!  PLUS you'll get 4 knives so you can lengthen or shorten the routine as you see fit!!

I’ve Waited Thirty Years for These Knives …

The Color-Changing Knives is one of the great close-up effects. Not a card trick, not a coin trick, it delivers unique visual magic that can be customized by every performer. After owning and using many different knives, 1 finally decided to take the leap and manufacture high-quality professional props that possess all the attributes I desire in a set of Color-Changing Knives.

  • These are not re-purposed existing knives. The knives were designed from the ground-up using original molds to hit the sweet spot that combines optimal weight, size, and shape. The result is a knife designed to perform the key move, with greater “effect area.”
  • These knives do not look like magic props. They have a classic outline and appear to be the type of pocket knives one might find in a drawer.
  • Both textured and smooth surfaces allow the performer to identify the knives by touch.
  • The blades are highly polished but not brought to a razor’s edge – a vital element in a routine that involves spectator handling and interaction.

Best of All …

  • At the climax of the routine a black knife changes into a red Swiss Army Knife… and it looks like a Swiss Army Knife. The shape is right, a logo appears in the traditional location, and the bolster and rivets suddenly vanish. It is more than a color change, it is a transformation of one type of knife into another and the moment is striking.

These knives have been honed for well over a year, with subtle changes and improvements made along the way. The result is a beautiful set of props that you will be proud to own. Video instructions include David’s complete routine along with additional moves and sequences that can be woven into your own presentation.

$ 125.00