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Deceased The Return By Jamie Daws & Alakazam

Deceased The Return By Jamie Daws & Alakazam

This is SELF WORKING and a REAL FOOLER - Brent Geris

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5 years ago, we introduced you to the unsettling story of the Tenterden murders. 10 people who sat down to dinner but only 2 survived… the murderers.
Since then, a new case has come to light which is eerily similar to that of the Tenterten Murders. They were reported as ‘The Cannibal Couple’ and using a poison that rendered their victims incapacitated, they would slice off their victims limbs whilst they were still living and feast on the flesh of the innocent.
This is a BRAND new method for this classic dark effect that allows the performer to be completely HANDS OFF!
$ 50.00