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CINEMAGIC by Gustavo Raley
CINEMAGIC by Gustavo Raley

CINEMAGIC by Gustavo Raley

BE SURE YOU SELECT WHAT MOVIE - Star Wars, Jurassic Park or Superman

A movie ticket is presented, and the magician leaves it as a prediction.

Then, several cards are shown with a big blank screen in one side and movie names with seat numbers in the other one.

In the first effect, the spectator selects a movie and a seat. These will match the magician's prediction.

As a big finale, put all cards together and riffle them to show a fragment of the selected film on the screen.

CINEMAGIC is a powerful effect that includes revelation and animation, using a smart system designed by Gustavo Raley.

You can perform CINEMAGIC in live and virtual shows.

It comes in three different versions, choose your favorite one! (Superman - Star Wars - Jurassic Park)

$ 30.00

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