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Theseus: A Magical Journey By Nathan Colwell

Theseus: A Magical Journey By Nathan Colwell

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Chicago-based magician-author-creator-teacher, Nathan Colwell‘s new book is themed around a card plot adapted from the thought problem “The Ship of Theseus.” Theseus addresses the age-old question: If something has each of its parts replaced, and each replacement is negligible, does its identity stay the same through this process of change?

From the foreword by Marcus Eddie:

You are about to embark on an epic journey into a world of ideas that will inspire you. He will rip your brain apart into pieces and replace each one with a newer and stronger piece. But the question is, will you be the same person afterward? My theory is, you will be forever changed!

Get ready to set sail as Theseus takes you on a magical journey in four parts: Logbook, Open Sea, Adrift, and Fellow Travelers.

Part I, Logbook, explains the history, general ideas, and overarching concepts which will be explored herein. This includes the Ship of Theseus thought problem, the Theseus plot, the script actively used by the author, and the history of the plot and solutions.

Part II, Open Sea, contains the methods considered fit for public consumption. They are numbered in the order originally developed; numbered versions not included are skipped. This section includes solutions Three, Five, Six, and Ten.

Part III, Adrift, contains discussions about some of the methods that did not meet the author's standards for performance. They are included to explain ideas considered necessary for a complete explanation regarding his thoughts on the plot. It also includes an interesting one-phase effect that follows Theseus’ lead-in style.

Part IV, Fellow Travelers, contains versions of the plot from two known card magicians highly respected by the author: Harapan Ong and the late Simon Aronson. Both versions are also worthy of study.

Theseus: A Magical Journey by Nathan Colwell. Illustrated by Charitha Lankathilaka. Estimated page length: 112 p. Hard case; no DJ.

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