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Red Card by Roberto Giobbi

Red Card by Roberto Giobbi

"It's not often you get a pro's closer, but Giobbi's fantastic isolated thought is here; a great script with audience participation and an amazing effect rolled into one." - Paul Vigil" data-section-id="product-template" data-section-type="product-template" data-image-zoom-type="none" data-show-extra-tab="false" data-extra-tab-content data-cart-enable-ajax="false" data-enable-history-state="true">
Roberto Giobbi’s Red Card is a masterpiece of mental card magic. This trick comes straight from Roberto’s professional repertoire where he has used it as his closer for years and this effect has fooled some of the brightest minds in magic. Now, you can use it to devastate your audiences with no sleight of hand, no forces, and no sticky cards. This is Red Card by Roberto Giobbi.

Here’s what happens:

The performer displays a single red card in a glass as well as a blue-backed deck that can be displayed on the front and the back. The red card is placed onto the blue deck and then cut into the deck. The audience collectively chooses a card. What they say is what they get. The card they choose is the card that is removed from the deck. Impossibly, the card the audience selected is the red card.

Red Card comes with a very special deck that does the work for you so that you can focus on the presentation and entertainment. The true method of this effect is layered psychological touches and presentational elements that make this an extremely powerful and deceptive effect. When you combine these with the special deck, your audience doesn’t have a chance. Both the glass and the card the audience selects can be examined, and the card the audience selects can be different from performance to performance. You will also receive a bonus routine and gimmick for an alternate version of Red Card that Roberto has been lecturing on for years. This truly is a masterclass in performing a real mental miracle with a deck of cards. This is the show stopper your audiences have been waiting for. This is Red Card by Roberto Giobbi.
$ 40.00