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MATERIALIZE  Twister Magic
MATERIALIZE  Twister Magic


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Anthony Vasquez is a young and very creative magician from Peru. Specialized in card magic, during the past years, he have been working his craftsmanship and creating visual magic tricks and gimmicks. MATERIALIZE is his first magic product in the market with Twister Magic and we expect to see a lot more from him in the near future, stay tune!

Someone selects or think of a card, you ask him to concentrate in their card. The magician takes a single card out of his pocket and displays the card showing the back. After some seconds and in a very visual way, everybody can clearly see how the card starts to materializes on it, like if it was magically painted by a ghost. To finish this incredible revelation the card painted turns now into a real card that can be hand out for examination.

Comes ready to perform! Easy to do!
Made to last! Self-Contained! Reset in seconds!

1 Special Gimmick Card (KD or QC depending on the model purchased)
1 Double Back Bicycle Card (Blue/Blue)
1 Online Instructional Video

$ 35.00

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