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I Dream of Mind Reading - John Lovick

I Dream of Mind Reading - John Lovick



"This is a really nice trick that practically works itself" -Peter Duffie



You explain you're going to do the world's greatest mathematical card trick. A spectator thinks of any card in the deck. You hand her a deck, and while your back is turned the spectator transfers a few cards from the top to the bottom, as instructed by you depending on the card's value. You take the deck, look through it, and announce the thought-of card. The audience is only mildly impressed because the trick obviously involves some sort of stack or key cards and a mathematical procedure. You ask, "Do you know why this is my favorite mathematical card trick?" You then spread the cards face-up on the table and the entire deck is blank! "Because it's not mathematical. It's mindreading!"


Deck Included Everything is Examinable Bonus Handling by Joshua Jay Detailed Instructions Easy to Do Instant Reset Perfect for Walk Around A Close up Miracle.

$ 16.95