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Team Vaccines presents VACCINE T-Shirts - Moderna Gray

If you know what is good for the planet, you'll get your vaccine!   There are 2 major 'teams' in the USA you can be a part of

Team Moderna Heathered Gray Shirt

or Team Pfizer

Pick a team and show that you've been vaccinated!  Each come in Royal Blue or Charcoal Gray.  These are printed on ultra soft DISTRICT brand shirts.  Printed in the USA!  

These will be shipping on or around April 19th 2021.

Shipping is FREE


These shirts, logos, and designs are not in ANY WAY support by, or sponsored by, the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.  This is for entertainment purposes only.   Moderna and Pfizer have not endorsed these shirts in anyway.  ANd yes, you can still buy them if you have chosen to not get the vaccine shot.


$ 20.00

Gray Moderna Sizes