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Aesop’s Favorite BOOK TEST by Dan Harlan & Andy Choy


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A VERY DIRECT BOOK TEST! I saw Dan Harlan Demo this LIVE at The Magic Apple and it is VERY strong! -Brent Arthur James Geris

When Andy Choy came to us with his brand new book test, we knew we had something special. Aesop‘s Favorite book test features an engaging premise, a squeaky-clean handling, and an incredibly deceptive method. The book can be examined… there’s nothing to find! A random page is chosen… there’s no force! A story is selected… they’re all different! You immediately reveal details about the story… there’s no fishing! You use ONLY the book… no assistants! There’s nothing to fail… no electronics! It’s completely clean… no gimmicks! Can be immediately repeated… different results each time! Works for the illustrations, too… 100% accurate! Incredibly versatile… many more features built right in!

What you’ve just read is not meaningless hyperbole — it’s the truth! We are honored to present Andy’s creation to you, because we know it is worth your time and attention. Aesop‘s Favorite book test is available exclusively at The Mystic Tower. You owe it to yourself to take a look at it today…

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