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Before I Forget Book by Harry Lorayne


“Once you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down until you finish reading this book.”


94 chapters and many photos…tell how a terribly shy poor kid born and raised on the mean streets the ghetto of New York City’s Lower East Side became “The World’s Foremost Memory-training Specialist” – “The Yoda of Memory Training” (Time Magazine).


Learn about the man behind the legend …Learn how “stomach cramps” started it all …Learn about his fierce animal instinct for survival …Learn about the “image the bluster the brilliance” the showmanship …Learn about the “pivot points” that arranged/changed Harry’s life …Learn how typhoid fever was a good thing …Learn how to handle a wet tuxedo! …Learn how magic saved his life – and how a card trick almost got him killed.


Prepare for some very interesting reading about an interesting life…plenty of laughs and perhaps a tear or two…meet some famous people – see them through Harry’s eyes.

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