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CTRL-C by Chris Rawlins (Control C)



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As you know I have dedicated years of my professional career in an attempt to find the perfect drawing duplication. I believe this is it.

Imagine: Your spectator makes a drawing on a single piece of card with no need to lean on any writing surface…they seal it into a regular pay envelope themselves. All whilst you are across the room and facing away… They place this envelope in their pocket with you at a distance and facing away. You know with certainty what they have drawn. Every time.

Yes they really do seal their drawing inside the envelope themselves.
Yes that very envelope and their drawing go into their own pocket.
No you never see their drawing or touch it until after you have read their mind.
No they never show it to you.
No you are not guessing this is a real method.
No there are no electronics.
Yes you can leave the room as they draw and not return until it is inside of the envelope.
Yes it is completely self-contained.
Yes they can keep everything.
Yes you can perform this in any language.
Yes it only uses normal office stationary.
Yes It is that good!

Complete with a foreword from New York’s leading Mentalist: Marc Salem.

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