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Elastic Vectra Line by Fearson


EVE is made from the most elastic fiber known to man and is pressure-dyed black with a true matte finish for the ultimate in invisibility.

EVE is comparable in strength to Steve Fearson’s original Vectra™ Line Invisible Thread but it can stretch to almost 6 times it’s original length!  This amazing property allows you to perform miracles of levitation and telekinesis not possible with a normal or “static” line.

It is suitable for use with any routines you may already be performing that use invisible elastic thread.

The only difference you’ll find is that EVE Triple Vectra™ Elastic is STRONGER and MORE INVISIBLE than any elastic thread we’ve used.  And it’s elasticity will simply AMAZE you!
As far as other elastic threads are concerned we can guarantee you this…

There is nothing STRONGER MORE INVISIBLE or MORE ELASTIC than EVE on the market today.

The amazing elastic properties of EVE Triple Vectra™ Elastic open the door to a whole new realm of possibilities.  And your EVE purchase includes an elastics tutorial video featuring Steve Fearson.  You will never look at invisible elastic the same way again!

The included strand can be easily separated into 3 even more invisible yet surprisingly strong fibers.

This enables you to use different thicknesses for different applications.  Use a single fiber when invisibility is key use 2 or 3 for applications requiring a stronger line.

You will receive a 50 foot triple strand length giving you a total of 150 feet of ultra-invisible and surprisingly strong Vectra™ Elastic Thread.  Stretched out that’s nearly 1000 feet!  Think of it as striking GOLD!

It comes conveniently wrapped on a card which can fit comfortably in any pocket or wallet.

You’ll also receive access to access a BONUS online tutorial video featuring Steve Fearson.  In the video Steve shares his methods for handling and tying elastic as well as demonstrating some EXTREME stuff you probably never imagined elastic could do!  The high-quality video is over 20 minutes long and it’s FREE!

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