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Ghost Pips by Izzat Dzid & Peter Eggink


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Have a card selected by your spectator and return it to the pack.

Next you show your “prediction” card sealed inside a zip-lock bag to conceal it from any outside influences. Unfortunately the prediction card doesn’t match the spectator’s selection…

Now for the fun part eerily and ghostly pips start to slowly fade in “cloning” themselves right into the spectator’s selection! This looks just like trick photography! Finally the card is removed from the bag only to reveal it has indeed changed into the spectator’s selection and may be handed out for examination.

The visuals are amazing and spooky at the same time. You’ll LOVE performing this.

Ghost Pips by Izzat Dzid is very easy to do and doesn’t require any sleight of hand or difficult moves. Comes with hand built ready to go “Ghost Pips” gimmick zip-lock bag and online video tutorial.

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