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Imagine by Peter and Harry Nardi


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Imagine started as just idea over 10 years ago. One of the most powerful effects to show lay people when they come in to Alakazam HQ is the classic Mental Photography deck. The reactions are always amazing and because of this Peter decided to give it a go when he was gigging. The reactions were as you can guess pretty amazing BUT Peter soon dropped it from his set as the effect didn’t really go anywhere. Yes it’s a killer piece of visual magic but it’s limited to printing and unprinting. That’s when the idea of creating a deck that contains all the visual power of the Mental Photography but with a whole lot more added in for good measure making this deck a full powerful routine.

In 2020 Peter mentioned the idea to Harry and together they created Imagine. Imagine is way beyond your standard Mental Photography deck.

You can either start with the deck blank (as in Peter’s Imagination routine (explained on the instructional video) or already printed as in H’s multi-phased working routine. Imagine combines hard hitting impossible looking visuals combines with powerful moments of mind reading.

Imagine is easy to perform versatile and guaranteed to become one of your favourite pieces to perform.

Imagine comes complete with high quality custom designed deck and instructional video.

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