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MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPHY 2022 by Tenyo Magic (Rainbow)




This is the same (used with permission) as RAINBOW the photo in wallet routine


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Take a snapshot of the future! See through solid objects!

Higar is a professional magician and magic creator famous for releasing tricks that incorporate cutting-edge principles. FUTURE PHOTO is a perfect example of his creativity incorporating Rainbow Film an invention that has received worldwide acclaim. Using a spectator’s smartphone camera you will be able to take impossible photos of international landmarks and unseen objects! There is no need for special apps – everything is self-contained. Two routines are explained using cities and playing cards.

Routine 1
Using a borrowed smartphone take a flash photo of a spectator holding an undeveloped sheet of instant film. Next the spectator selects a city somewhere in the world. Amazingly a scene from the selected city appears in the smartphone photo!

Routine 2
A spectator selects a playing card from the deck and remembers the card. Return the deck to its case and place an undeveloped sheet of instant film on top. Using a borrowed smartphone take a photo of the tabled objects. When you look at the smartphone photo it appears you can see through the case and the cards since the selected card magically appears in the photograph!

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