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Pinnacle (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Brian Caswell


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Pinnacle is the latest word on card and number effects. Brian Caswell started the buzz with card and number effects many years ago with Trilogy.

Trilogy was a ground-breaking and best-selling effect. Pinnacle is a mixture of Trilogy and Brian’s other best seller Cataclysm. Imagine showing a deck of cards. Each card has a number from 1-52 on the back. Your spectator names 3 cards (there are no high-low or odd-even restrictions). You remove the named cards from the deck and place them face up on the table.

You now direct your spectator to a prediction you have made — the numbers on your prediction match the numbers on the back of the cards!

OK so what’s new I hear you ask? Well get this your prediction is in full view before you even start the effect. You can text it to your spectator have it written on a business card on a photo or even on your social media page. YES there is only ONE prediction!

Pinnacle really is the ultimate in this type of effect!

Pinnacle does not use R & S or sticky cards. You are not secretly writing anything and there is absolutely no memory work or sleights required. The one thing it does use is some ingenious thinking from Brian.

I’ve been performing both Trilogy and Cataclysm for many years but Brian still managed to fool me with Pinnacle!

As a bonus we also include the mind-blowing book test reveal by our good friend Moz!

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