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Semi-Automatic Card Tricks – Vol. 8 by Steve Beam


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Written & Illustrated by Steve Beam Hardbound 149 items 320 pages 80 illustrations


Since the first volume was published in 1993 the Semi-Automatic Card Trick series has become the largest and most reliable resource for professional caliber non-sleight of hand card magic. Full-time magicians and conjuring hobbyists alike have come to rely on the creative card magic stored in these volumes when they want to go for the jugular.


In addition to fifty items of his own creation the author has brought together over two dozen of his friends from around the world who have contributed fifty of their pet effects to this volume. This is high-octane low-fat innovative card magic built from the ground up. These effects feature the latest in card trick technology incorporating new principles and little-known subtleties.


Whether you want to out-magic your fellow magicians or fry the synapses of your lay audiences this is real magic for the real world.


“Close to 150 entries in more than 300 pages routines from dozens of popular creators invariably clear descriptions (even of complicated mathematic principles). Original presentations that are actually useable and variations that serve clear purposes. Mr. Beam’s clarity and consistency of vision is a significant if less often commented upon reason for the success of these books.” Jamy Ian Swiss Genii March 2001.

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