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Thumbtip Ignitor Pro (Gimmick and Online Instructions)


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Imagine someone wearing a fancy black tuxedo and standing under the spotlight on the stage. 

He pulls out a piece of paper and everyone’s attention is on that single piece of paper. 
What is going to happen to that paper? 

Suddenly out of nowhere an ugly cheap lighter is produced to light up that paper! 

That piece of paper in the handsome performer’s hand ignites into a huge flame and turns into a beautiful red rose. 

Do you see yourself performing this for someone special? Or in your show? 


Now imagine if we can get that ugly lighter out of this performance then the impact would have been much bigger. Not only that the performance itself could have been extremely elegant and attractive right? 

We introduce to you… Thumbtip Ignitor Pro!

Imagine being able to ignite a piece of napkin or receipt at will to visually produce vanish or change an object. THAT’S REAL MAGIC. 

Simply make fire appear produce a ring out of nowhere maybe a visual ambitious card or a visual version of our signature Trace effect. 

If you are a professional or looking for a professional device that will guarantee to work SAFELY then you can’t miss this. 

Thumbtip Ignitor Pro is the final solution designed for everyday working magicians. 
What are you waiting for? Get yours now worldwide. 

What You Get Inside the Box: 
Thumbtip Ignitor Pro device 
2 specially made thumbtips 
1 online instructional video 
1 USB charging cable

Thumbtip Ignitor Pro is intended for those 21 years of age or older. Use operation and performance of Thumbtip Ignitor Pro is understood to be at operator’s own risk. By purchasing this product you acknowledge consent and understanding of this message. 



You’ll need flash paper with this item but we can’t ship it to you.  sorry.

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