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VANISH – By Justin Miller





Almost 50 years ago, the nomadic magic creator; Paul Harris, created the PH vanishing deck.

Since then it’s been ripped off & recycled into infinity. But it’s rare for anyone to improve upon the original itself… Until now.

Justin Miller’s contribution to magic is undeniable. His brain is like an oyster, taking in pretty good ideas – but over time, turning them into pearls.

What he can do with even the simplest plot will astound you. Because he doesn’t create magic for the sake of it. Everything he puts out has purpose.

It’s either pushing the envelope within magic, or you’ll never see it.

Vanish IS one of those cutting-edge creations. Something you’ll own and wonder how you ever lived without.

With Vanish’s clean visuals, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the deck vanish.
  • Make the deck transpose.
  • Make the deck appear.
  • Use it as a revelation.
  • & so much more.

Also, you now have the ability to prime and trigger the gimmick, with just one hand.

The Vanish gimmick is also designed to fool even the most sceptical eyes, so you’ll be able to show both sides of the gaff after the vanish. Front & back.

Your audience will never suspect what they cannot see.

You’ll also get access to video tutorials from the creator, Justin Miller – as well as Adam Wilber, Paul Harris, the Petty’s & Greg ‘freaking’ Wilson.

Get yours before they VANISH.

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