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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live out of the United States, how much is shipping going to cost me?
A: We need to know what you want exactly to give you a price. If you want to add items the price may also change. For our international customers we always send the package as a gift and declare the value of the package to me less than it is.

Q: When is the best time to order?
A: Anytime! We typically ship during the week but if you need something FAST or overnight, we will do what we can to get the products to you!!

Q: Do you accept orders over the phone?
A: Yes, call us any time. 818-508-9921.

Q:: How much is domestic shipping? Is it exactly what it says in on the Shipping Info chart?
A: $5.95 in the USA. We mail almost everything vis Priority Mail with Tracking.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card? Money order? PayPal?
A: Yes. The only form of payment we do not accept are IOU’s, Please contact us via e-mail to confirm a PayPal payment. Payment should be sent to:

Q: I am not happy with my purchase, the trick is just too hard. Can I return it
A: No, once you have bought a trick, it is yours. Magic is all based on secrets and sometime the secret is VERY easy and something you can make on your own. We can only suggest, put it on a shelf for a few months, practice other magic and then try again.

Have any more questions? If so please contact us.