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International Orders

International Orders Information ships magic products all over the world!!

Duties and Taxes: When we ship any product we will always mark it below the actual value and send it as a gift so that when you pick it up the duties and taxes are minimal. 

General Shipping: Our standard method of shipping is by Air Mail, like USPS Priority or Express Mail. For certain countries such as Japan it is sometimes cheaper to send items via Express Mail than it is to send via Priority.  The shipping prices are ACTUAL costs, we do no mark up shipping.  International shipping is APPROXIMATELY TRIPLE the price of domestic costs

Correspondence: We are not allowed by our postal regualtions to have any sort of correspondence in the package that we send. In fact it is to your benefit that the reciept and other paperwork is sent seperately.

If you receive a letter in the mail with your receipt before you get your package, please remember that we send the package and the letter at the same time. However the package usually arives later than the letter. This is because if has to pass through customs whereas the letter or envelope does not. 

Costs to Ship: We will bill you the cost of shipping only. Rates are USUALLY doubled for shipping internationally.

Shipping Methods: 

Express Mail: The fastest way to get your package, but also the most expensive. It takes three days from the day it is sent to get to your country. Automatically insured for $ 100.00 and is trackable. Express Mail is mandatory for certain countries such as Russia, Brazil, the former Slavic nations, Greece, Japan, all countries in the middle east and all countries in Africa. This is both protect your products and makes it easier to track. We want to assure you, your products will arrive safely and quickly.

Priority Mail – (Air Mail): For packages over 4 pounds, or packages under 4 pounds that need insurance. Arrives in your country 10 to 14 days after it has been mailed.