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Albo Card by Ammar & Miller





Two torn pieces are signed and impossibly restored. Not only can you let your spectator examine it – you can let them keep it.

Inside each neat package is now a gimmicked Albo 2.0 deck + a normal red cohorts deck to perform the effect.

The full Albo 2.0 package gets you 28 impossible souvenir gaffs that can be signed and given away… Or used over and over with no signatures.

+ 28 dupes, so you don’t have to tear up your actual deck.
+ a FREE Red Cohorts Deck that matches the gaff.

BONUS. We also gaffed the box and Justin Miller will teach you how to use it, even if you run out of Albo 2.0 cards.

Get Albo 2.0 today.

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