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Alice Book Test (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Josh Zandman



Alice is the first book in the Zandman Book Test series that allows you to instantly know which word and picture someone is thinking of without touching the book. You don’t ask any questions there is nothing written down no need to fish for information and best of all it can be performed completely in the spectator’s hands!

A new principle
A game changing new method

Alice also includes the original Zandman Book Test method found in Gatsby Sherlock Scarlet and Christmas Carol:



  • Riffle through pages until your spectator says stop.
  • r

  • They think of the first word on the page.
  • r

  • Without ever seeing the word they look at you instantly know it!
  • r


Nothing to memorize. No forces. No questions.

For over 10 years many of the world’s most talented magicians and mentalists have included Zandman’s Book Tests in their shows and performances. Take your performance to the next level with this extremely clean easy-to-perform book test that is sure to blow your audience’s minds!

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