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Calculated Thoughts by Doug Dyment


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Over the last 25 years Doug Dyment has been performing his unique and powerful mentalism around the world. Yet for the most part his material has been kept private – except for a few limited release manuscripts that are long out of print. Now Vanishing Inc. is thrilled to partner with Doug to present his most cherished signature routines. “Calculated Thoughts” is a stunning 400+ page book that finally unlocks the door guarding what Ken Weber refers to in the foreword as “mentalism’s best-kept secret”.


There are more than 40 complete audience-tested routines detailed in this massive text including Doug’s diabolical DAO system that allows you to perform impossible card magic without needing to remember a single card as well as his “Quarto” which is beloved by many of the biggest names in mentalism and heralded as one of the best billet tears ever to be published. These are some of the most beautifully-constructed mentalism routines we’ve ever seen. From a simple yet powerful marking system for ordinary Bicycle Playing Cards to a memory aid with your feet a drawing duplication an impromptu star divination an entire chapter on just ESP cards and even a unique way to “slice” your thumb and heal the wound there’s something for everyone. The book also contains what we believe to be the best impromptu magic square ever described in print.


Unlike some other performers who publish numerous books or create expensive one-trick manuscripts Doug Dyment has truly compiled a lifetime of carefully-refined work into one comprehensive resource. This is a refreshing book that is sure to spark creativity in any mentalist or magician.

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